CEO Greetings

Technology of LUKA lightening the world with ECO-Friendly light

KATACOM Ltd. is a global company manufacturing ECO-Friendly high efficiency LUKA LED lamps, and applies LED lamps used in not only domestic,
but also international construction industries so as to satisfy customers high quality requirements.

The company applies unique thermal conduction capillary tube heat radiation technology and high efficiency LED CHIPs in order to develop
HIGH BAY lights, STREET lights, and SECURITY lights of the highest quality.

KATACOM Ltd is a ISO9001 certified company with an effective quality assurance system developing products with UL and DLC certification.

KATACOM Ltd. will achieve customer satisfaction by producing products of the highest quality, with the goal of 100% satisfaction based on customer demands and service expectations.

Thank you.

HUR Chung , CEO of KATACOM Ltd.