Small but strong global company doing the best for achieving product differentiation through LED lamp industry
concerning environment.

KATACOM Ltd. has the company's management philosophy and vision of always
doing the Best to achieve Product Differentiation with he mind of putting Quality satisfaction first.

  • 1. Declaration of customer satisfaction first.
  • 2. The pride of designing the best product.
  • 3. CEO with management mind of
        focusing customer.
  • 4. Support the product performance to meet
        and satisfy with customer expectation.
  • 5. Pursuing total customer satisfaction (TCS).
  • 6. Policy of customer-driven management.
  • 7. Company culture of changing recognition of
        employees into customer-oriented mind
        and performing customer orientation.
  • 1. CEO mind thinking of
        quality management first.
  • 2. Employee mind of pursuing
        quality improvement.
  • 3. Goal of zero process failure
        through improvement of productivity.
  • 4. Performance complying with ISO
        quality manual and process.
  • 5. Accepting relation that quality is
  • 6. Carrying out feedback and
        forwarding quality information.
  • 7. Employee mind that loss zero
        starts from "me".
  • 1. Pursuing creative and innovative product design.
  • 2. Creating product concerning environment.
  • 3. Creating higher value than
         the value customer recognizes.
  • 4. CEO mind of supporting exhibition of creativity.
  • 5. Creating value of differentiating product
         and service by a creative method.
  • 6. Pursuing differentiation value available of
        neutralizing outer threat and
        using outer opportunity.
  • 7. Company with differentiation strategy
        focusing on innovation, creativity,
         and improvement of product performance.